Preparing for your bridal appointments

The day is fast approaching and there are a few tips and pointers worth noting to ensure your bridal hair and makeup appointments run as smooth as possible leaving you and your bridal party looking your best before walking down the aisle!


SKIN: To ensure your makeup looks its absolute best it is crucial to look after your skin! Implementing a skin care regime ideally in the months leading up to your wedding day will help to ensure your skin is hydrated, exfoliated and ready for makeup on the big day! Coming to your bridal makeup appointment with dry, flakey skin will result in a less than perfect look which can be avoided with proper skin care leading up to your wedding. Please schedule any waxing/threading appointments a minimum of two days before your wedding to ensure your skin is not irritated from the treatment.

HAIR: Please ensure you and your bridesmaids/mothers’ hair is clean and dry prior to your appointments. Despite the common misconception, dirty or “greasy” hair is not best and our team will use the appropriate products to ensure your hair is voluminous and stays in place all night without needing it to be dirty.

Set up requirements

Please ensure your getting ready venue has space for all of the artists working on your party to set up near a natural light source. We do travel with artificial lighting, but the brighter the space the better! Please also ensure there are enough clean surfaces for the set up of the team’s products/tools and adequate power outlets for lighting, hot tools etc.


Please share the timeline of hair and makeup provided by Cassidy and her team with your bridal party to ensure everyone is aware of their appointment times. To ensure the entire morning goes as planned it is imperative that all bridal party members be on time for their appointments.

Morning-of Prep

In order for all of the appointments to go as smoothly as possible, please ensure that you are ready for your appointment at its commencement time. Please ensure you have brushed your teeth, showered, and taken care of any other personal hygiene tasks prior to the beginning of your appointments. Please ensure that you and your bridal party wake early enough in the morning to have these tasks done before your hair and makeup appointments are to begin.

Please be prepared for your appointment by cleansing and removing ALL makeup from your face. Time taken by the artist to remove old mascara or makeup comes out of the appointment time and appointments will not run long due to having to take time to cleanse a dirty face.

Furthermore, please ensure that your hair is completely dry before the commencement of your hairstyling appointment as time spent blowdrying wet hair will cut into your styling time and the stylist is not held responsible for running out of time due to unprepared hair. Please have any hair extensions ready to be styled at the time of your appointment as well.

Consider having a photo of your desired hair and/or makeup on hand for reference.

Please refrain from leaving the makeup or hair chair once your appointment has commenced. Please use the washroom, make any phone calls or take care of any outstanding business before your appointment time.

Consider purchasing a lipstick for touch ups as the night progresses, particularily after dinner and drinking. Touch up kits are also available for purchase.